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10th @ telephone

‘leave the door open’ 10th @telephonegallery.

in light of all the hate speech and xenophobia and the impending doom surrounding brexit i have decided to come to the space and set up the first show of 2019. i am unsure if i want to remain in a country in which immigrants and refugees are treated and portrayed in the way that they do by conservative media and politicians (and sometimes the liberal too). i am privileged in that as a spaniard with an accent i come across as an US expat or similar but i have heard of instances of discrimination against spaniards many many times. this is not about us though. this is about remaining, taking a step back, a second vote, a rethinking of all the lies and the bullshit that nigel farage and boris johnson spewed during the campaing (which is also broke electoral law and misused funds). the majority of people who are under 60, and who will suffer the consequences of brexit most harshly, wants to remain! there is no reason to keep demonizing immigrants and refugees, we should remain open to those who are in despair and offer them support and a candid welcome. we should instead implement a 90% tax rate for the rich and pay for all of our services and health and food and a roof for those in need. think about it, if you earn a million pounds in one year and you are left with £100,000, you are still earning about four times the uk average household income!!

all these tales about immigrants and terrorism and refugees and all the bullshit, let’s turn all that away and let’s say ‘leave the door open’ (on your way out, tories! 🖕🏻)

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9th @ telephone
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11th @ telephone