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8th @ telephone

the gallery has been on hold until i could find an object worthy of occupying the space and what better for the gallery to be full of the christmas spirit that i so much dread? as i picked up this tree from the street a woman talked to me in a way so pretentious and careless you would think i was making her a disservice by taking this tree from the public way. they say it’s a lot more about the process than the result and sometimes they’re right. seeing this tree at first and wondering what the fuck is doing here, let it go for a couple days and suddenly deciding to take it. watching a grown ass man drag a full blown christmas tree through the city astounds many a passerby and attracts a lot more glances. it also makes for really good exercise because that tree was surprisingly heavy. and why would anybody keep a christmas tree for so long? do you just have so much space you can afford to keep this monster around for half a year? we will never know. enjoy the show. on until the truck takes it away.

also the police saw me so it might not last for a day

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